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Touchdown for Thailand’s program to plant 800 million trees – FoP starts millions for iCET-scholarship for orphans

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Successful start of Thailand’s pro­gram to plant 800 million trees and the Forest of Peace – team was part of it…

‘Thailand takes precedence – It takes hold of you!’

Forest of Peace President Miss Kanyapak Preawtaku was obviously moved and inspired when she declared the 3rd Year For­est of Peace as Children’s Future Day. During this cross-generational project our first iCTET scholars will be rewarded under the supervision of the committee:

iCTET -program

iCTET -program

Board of body of experts Children’s Future Day @ 3rd Year For­est of Peace | iCTET

Spokes council of body of experts

Honorary committee members for review procedures

It is not going to be easy. We will have to gather up every single satang until we get together 800 million, says the President with a serious expression on her face: she remembers a saying from her childhood

Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’

The scholarships include the costs of school supplies, the cost of the sometimes long commutes to the next bigger city, accommodation and food costs and school fees that are due.


For this occasion all foundations are asked to present ‘orphans without means’ to the Forest of Peace and are invited to take part in the Children’s Future Day

Action events – ‘Into Nature!’

On the topic of ‘Climate Protection’ and ‘Knowledge gives Children Power’

  • You like our idea of showing people the importance of our environment via our unique forest activities?
  • You would like to partake and help out, but your resources and your time are limited?

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